Wagner Power Products 305 Painter Sprayer


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Sprays thin to medium materials such as: semi-transparent stain, clear wood preservative, water sealer, varnish, unthinned latex and oil-based paint or stain. Use on fence, furniture lattice, shed, garage, deck, shutters, picnic table, small house, cottag e or cabin. Kit includes 2000PSI Power Painter, convenient carry case, wide-shot tip that covers large surfaces quickly, extra atomizer valve, clean-up brush, and suction set to draw paint or stain directly from can. ....read more

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  1. M. R. Andrus says:

    I wish I hadn’t bought it
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    It worked well the first time I used it, although it clogged easily. I cleaned it according to the directions and different comments I’ve seen on websites. On the second use there was just no luck. Nada.

    It was a complete waste of time and money.

  2. Anthony B. Barthel says:

    Does What It’s Supposed To
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    We bought the Wagner 305 at the local hardware store (for less than on Amazon!) after a recommendation from the local hardware dude. We’re painting an out building which starts with some very thick Latex antimicrobial primer in multiple layers followed by several layers of barn paint. Yes, there really is a paint at Ace called Barn Paint.

    At any rate, we already have a high-end air sprayer on property that couldn’t deal with the primer at all so I was very skeptical about the Wagner being able to do it. I am now no longer a skeptic, but an enthusiast.

    The Wagner 305 did a marvelous job with the thick Latex primer right out of the 5 gallon bucket as well as the barn paint without any problems at all. Yep, there is a bit of learning and adjusting at first but it’s minor. Furthermore, the clean-up with Latex is a breeze.

    I’m really enthusiastic about this device and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with a larger outdoor paint project. Even if you have just one project, the $80 would be worthwhile. If you’re doing a whole room in the house, it would be excellent, too.

    I’m not sure I’d use this for a smaller indoor project; but, but that’s right of any spray painter.

  3. F. C. Lloyd says:

    it’s brilliant!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Wagner Wide Shot Power Painter

    I read the reviews here and chose to risk it – I bought one second hand from Craigslist for $30. I have to say it is brilliant! I read the directions minutely and followed them to the letter as advised here. I was using Barn and Fence latex paint and I had to thin it, but not much. The key to the thinning is to mix WELL. My project is a 3500 sq ft barn with rough board siding, or 25 gallons of paint. The outdoor ‘rugged’ nature of the project meant that I didn’t have to worry about spray or masking. The best thing about the sprayer is that it goes into the gaps/nooks/crannies of the job. And it is so quick!

    A few tips: Use the suction extension in a 5 gallon bucket only if you have a) a moveable cart to place the paint in (or huge arms) and b) you only want to paint 5′ or so high. Anything taller requires you to also elevate the bucket, which isn’t as simple as you might reckon. And to restate what someone else said, weight or somehow hold down the siphon in the bottom of the bucket, then you won’t get any spatter/globbing.

    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I’m not sure what operator/sprayer error there was with all of the negative reviews. I needed to update from an older model sprayer and I had no distress.

    I was using the suction tube and spraying Olympic Deck paint (un-thinned) and the only thing I changed was attaching the suction hose to a piece of 1/2′ rebar. This was to counter the coil effect and the fact I have used an older model and knew what to expect. It only took me about an hour to paint a 9′ 10″ x 39′ 10″ deck. That included the handrail and 3 planter box openings. I had no distress with the extension cord, but then I knew I’d be using one when I bought the sprayer. I was hooked in to a 5 gal. can with about 3 gal. in it and went right along.

    This model is far more powerful than my 7 year ancient model. Even the older one sprayed ValSpar paint unthinned. I will concede that you have to thin the thicker primers, so what, if you want to spray All un-thinned then invest in a more expensive airless unit.

    The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is that would be for an airless or HVLP unit.

  5. John B. Walker says:

    Thin outdoor latex for best results (well for any results)
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Just reading the box on this item warned me… thin out your latex paint. I bought both it and a bottle of latex paint thinner.

    At first I followed all the information, and tried the outdoor latex primer at original thickness (don’t do this). Having never used one of these, always using a brush and roller, I was surprised when the thing jammed up on me in the first three minutes. The paint was too thick.

    After cleaning, and thinning the paint, the sprayer worked fantastic. I was able to cover an outdoor shop with MUCH LESS PAINT than roller or brush.

    The CLEANUP WAS SO Quick with this, I couldn’t believe it. I just hooked up the waterhose to the provided attachment, place all the parts in the canister and let it rip. It took longer than the prescribed 30 seconds, but they were very clean; only minimal brushing was required. I only wish that all the parts could have been cleaned that way.

    All in all, this was fantastic. I learned how to use the tool quickly using the clearly written directions. The troubleshooting guide quickly got me past the paint-too-thick problem, and cleanup was a breeze.

    There is overspray on speed 2, and the nozzle drips after about 10 minutes of use, so excellent taping and tarping is needed.

    (the other post is right; this thing is quiter than my drill, circular saw, and even my mouse sander!). It’s not silent, just not extremely loud.

    Rating:1 out of 5 stars

    This airless sprayer would keep going into some kind of vapor lock.

    Sprayer would start spraying paint for 5 to 10 seconds then vapor lock. Release the trigger to turn off for 5 seconds and the repeat the process. Multiple cleanings and oiling, did not fix the problem. Thinning the paint did not fix the problem.

    This thing just does not work. I should have read the reviews here first. A lot of other people seem to have the same problem

    I gave this product 1 star because there isn’t a negative start rating……

    AND OF COURSE, Wagners’ tech support line is closed on the weekend. WHEN DID THEY Reckon PEOPLE WOULD BE USING THESE PIECES OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. J. Fuller says:

    Learn to use!
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Most of the reviewer’s problems can be resolved by straining the paint

    and using the large tip for latex paints. I have been using Wagner sprayers for more than twenty years with fantastic results. You do have to learn to tell when a part is worn out. Most parts that wear quickly are also cheap to buy. You want to have a substitution plunger and tips handy

    so when routine starts to deteriorate you can pop in the new atomizer

    or tip and get back to it. You will need to have a brush handy when you

    get the rare spatter. Also, for larger jobs use the extension hose kit to draw directly from the can of paint. Here is a fantastic tip, keep the can of paint elevated so it is close to the height of the gun while you spray. This will make it simpler for the gun to draw. You will find that

    when you draw from the can the angle of the gun can be infinite. So spraying ceilings or walls is a breeze. No I do not work for Wagner. I do

    own their Wagner 1/2 HP Twin Stroke Piston Pump Paint Sprayer #9140S and

    several of the vibrating guns. I use the cheap vibrating (such as the wide

    shot)guns for small jobs, hint I don’t use the wide shot tip (fan tip).I have bought many of these products and accessories from Amazon because

    of quick service, excellent prices and the A-Z plot. Hope this helps. Delight in!

  8. Poor Product
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I despise this sprayer! I bought mine to spray primer on dark painted surfaces and it couldn’t handle it at all. After struggling all day with this disappointing machine I cleaned it up and and took it back. I’m glad it’s out of my life. Rollers and brushes are simpler.

  9. rocketman says:

    Junk Does Not Sufficiently Describe How Terrible This Is
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I own a Wagner SprayTech Twinstroke 9140, which is an brilliant machine. I paint mostly with Latex, like most people do. But the SprayTech is a b***h to clean and is better suited for large jobs. So I thought I’d pick up a small guy like the power painter for small jobs like a few pieces of custom window trim or in this case a substitution stair skirt. Boy, what a mistake. First off, you can’t paint on horizontal surfaces, so I had to get an adapter, a ninety degree bend that leaked all over the place. Second, no where in the box Box journalism did it say it wouldn’t handle Latex; in fact it says it will and if the paint isn’t coming out in a nice pattern then just thin it out. Well in order to get an even pattern I wound up thinning the paint so thin that it barely covered the wood, and even then there were drips the world over. I never did get an even pattern out of it, notwithstanding the drips from the leaks.

    What a waste of time and money. I’m taking it back just as soon as I end writing this to warn people of the mistake, and drinking a beer to cool me down so I don’t scream at the Home Depot clerk. I’ll take cleaning my SprayTech any day over ruining my work with this junk.

  10. Jolynn Johnson says:

    Okay, I deleted my first review and reposted this one.
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    Okay… In all fairness, I’m deleting my previous review, in which I gave it 1 star. It takes just a small getting used to, that’s all. I formerly had problems with paint spattering from the machine. This tends to happen when you restart the painter – not always, but it is something you have to expect, just make sure when you restart the gun that you point it away from the surface your painting. Also, I reckon it best if you just use the paint reservoir provided, instead of optionally drawing the paint from the paint can itself. I reckon it’s more of a hassle to do it the latter way, especially if paint outside (I also reckon that it might be the reason I started to get intermittent paint spatter when the gun was on – not sure though). Clean-up is not terrible at all. Soak in water for a small while and use the provided brush. I had started painting with the paint sprayer and then got frustrated with it and then used the roller for a while. After initially using the paint sprayer, and then trying the roller, that was not cool. I cleaned-up the paint sprayer and went back to spraying paint. This time I just used the provided reservoir and it worked just fantastic. Each time I filled the reservoir up to the very top (farther than what is not compulsory – I made sure, but, that I held the gun initially level, so as to ensure the paint didn’t run into the motor of the gun). It is MUCH simpler and more enjoyable (???) to use the sprayer. Also, as one other reviewer mentioned (I reckon), you will get spatter if the paint reservior gets low on paint. So try to monitor that. Or, just have a roller or paint brush handy to clean-up the spatter. PS: I use Behr Ultra paint (which is a amalgamation of primer and latex paint in one). I have not used any thinning agent.

  11. Dan Shideler says:

    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    A total ripoff. Will NOT handle Killz primer or other heavy latex. Cleanup is necessary every 20 minutes or so and takes an hour. Shoulder-mounted canister is a joke. Whole unit leaks like a SOB, right out of the box. After one use, mine is now out in a box by the curb. Shame on me — this is my SECOND Wagner. (There won’t be a third.)

  12. J. D. Keough says:

    Wagner Wide Shot – Don’t Waste Your Money
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    What a POS. I’ve done auto refinishing so I’m very familiar with spray painting. I got the Wide Shot for a gift and went to use it the other day and found it cannot spray latex paint. The Wagner CSR basically said it was all my fault and I need to conduct Conduct experiment with different paint conditioners. My gripe is nowhere on the packaging does it say it cannot spray latex paint.

    My encounter with this product (and their customer service) could not have been any worse. I threw the $80 gift in the garbage since I couldn’t return it and knew I’d NEVER use it again. The only thing that sprayed from the unit correctly was water.

  13. Robert Oswald says:

    A Terrible Tool – Even for the Handy
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Some reviewers have suggested that folks who have problems with this sprayer might be of the less handy variety. I had problems with two of these sprayers, and I am honestly certain that I do not fall in that category (except maybe where plumbing is concerned–I must admit that I’ve broken more pipes than I’ve fixed).

    I have painted my entire house, inside and out, twice over and at my wife’s whimsical desire, am working on the third time through. We had the sad misfortune to buy a home with annoying textured ceilings that have started to crumble and required repairing. I swore I would not roll the ceilings ever again, so I bought this sprayer to help. In the end, I rolled the darn ceilings again.

    For the record, I didn’t expect miracles from a $70 paint sprayer. I expected the overspray and did the requisite taping and tarping. I couldn’t care less about the noise (foam earplugs are cheap after all). I am not a complete idiot and thinned the paint. On the other hand, all this sprayer does is spit and churn. From reading many of the reviews, it seems that folks who were spraying urethanes and stains had some success, but those spraying latex had more distress. I thinned the paint until it was the consistency of water, and this thing would still not run smoothly. What’s the point of buying top quality Sherwin Williams paint, only to have to dilute it until it looks like skim milk?

    From my testing and experimenting, I don’t reckon this sprayer was meant to paint ceilings, even with the hose attachment drawing right from the bucket of paint. It seemed that it would spray semi-decently(far from perfect) from a vertical position, but the second I started to tilt the sprayer, the spitting would start. If this was documented, I wouldn’t be so annoyed, but it doesn’t say anything about this in any of the citations.

    A frustrating, poor encounter. I spent more time fighting this thing, and still finished up with sore shoulders and covered in paint from a thick-nap roller.

  14. Maybe the best product I ever bought
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Look, if you are too bone idle to read information than do yourself a favor and forget this product. I have painted three rooms in my house of which one was a two scheme. Which means I used four different colors with this machine. I also used Behr latex paint, did the ceilings, AND used the extension going into the can. This machine is categorically perfect for textured walls!!

    I have read the complaints and virtually ALL can be avoided if you just READ THE MANUAL!! First of all the reason why it is splattering is either because the PAINT IS TOO THICK or ITS FREAKIN EMPTY! If its too thick just thin it!

    The spray on this machine is fantastic for only $80 and so long as you take the time to do a excellent job you will get a excellent job. Clean up is simple. Just read the manual and let it soak for 30 minutes in soapy water and scrub clean. 45 minutes is what it takes including the 30 minute soaking. It is not a silent machine but it isnt going to give you a headache either.

    Bottom line is this; if you are looking to do a large room or even a small room it will save you a lot of time and those of us who have done it manually it will save you a ton of sweat and sore backs. But cmon people! Please know what you are doing or least try to educate yourself before starting something. To those complaining about the spitting do you even know what thinning means?

  15. Waste, waste, waste
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Bought the wagner power sprayer at Lowes for ~ $80, brought it home, lubed and loaded w/ primer, and tried it out on a sample board (HIGHLY Not compulsory!….the test, not the sprayer). The wagner sprayed paint as well as I could throw it. It went back to Lowes at once! I reckon it only works OK with liquids with high viscosity…water, stain, and that’s maybe it. Excellent luck, hope this was helpful.

  16. Jeff White says:

    Pretty Excellent Painter
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I noticed some of the terrible reviews of this product and got a small worried because I had already bought one and it was enroute to me via USPS. I bought mine from absolutehome and it was a fiasco getting the thing shipped, but that is another tale.

    The product itself (once it arrived) was very simple to use. I build small wood shop products so it is a bit more than I really need. The modifiable power is a godsend though and I was able to reduce it to my needs.

    The painter does have to be clean and lubed for it to work properly. I didn’t find this a drawback though because clean-up is a snap. The painter disassembles and assembles so easily.

    I was using very thick polyeurathane for my first attempt and it worked fantastic once I had the adjustments right. I spent about 7 minutes cleaning it and then used a very thin wood stain, again, once I got the settings right it worked fantastic. It will splatter once you run low on paint so be careful and have a brush handy.

    Speaking of brushes, I just have to say that the people who gave this sprayer a terrible review either got a broken product or haven’t painted by hand very much. I don’t mean to dig on those that didn’t like the sprayer but for the money this makes using a brush seem 17th century. This is one piece of kit I’ll use quite alot.

    I haven’t tried using the suction attachment for drawing paint out of the can and I haven’t used the backpack so I can’t add anything about those items other than the backpack looks pretty cheap and I doubt I will ever use it for dread of wearing the paint on my backside.

    Overall, my encounter was excellent and I would recommend this sprayer. I would also recommend you buy this item from anyone other than absolutehome.

    Hope this helps.

  17. L. S. Stevens says:

    Waste of money and time
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    What is the best way to waste $80? Buy a Wagner Paint Sprayer! What is the best way to waste a day? Attempt to use a Wagner paint sprayer. The money is possibly replaceable, but the time is not, which is more vital to me. I have used a lot of tools and I can honestly say this the worst tool I have ever used. I was not expecting miracles from an low-priced sprayer, but from the small amount of time that this sprayer really worked (about 2 hours), I was very disappointed with the results. Save your money and time. Go with the low tech paint roller and brush!

  18. James Mason says:

    Wagner Power Frustator
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I first used this to paint four walls with latex in a remodeling job at home. Worked fantastic for that. But, then I went to use the extension hoses which are supposed to draw the paint upwards and into the compressor, to paint the ceiling of the room. Well, it took more than five minutes to draw the paint into the compressor, then it did nothing but spit the paint in globules. So I used the troubleshooting guide in the manual, and chose I should clean all the unit’s parts (again) and re-try the ceiling. Still spitting. The piston part got hammered by something inside the compressor. So I took the unit back to Lowes where I had bought it two weeks earlier, they were fantastic and replaced the piston assembly. Back to work; still spitting even while using the container (not the hoses), thinned the paint, worked a small bit better, but still spitting. Ruins excellent work where a smooth coat is desired. Even when I had first used it to do walls, it would spit every twenty seconds or so, requiring touch-up with a roller.

    This is the most above all touchy tool I have ever used. If you get one; get ready for meticulous lessons following, troubleshooting guide reading, cursing out loud, and pondering why you ever fell for it.

    This afternoon I am taking it and all of it’s plastic parts and my sour-puss face, back to Lowes and am going to request a full refund due to “not as advertised routine.”

    Rollers and brushes have the advantage in simplicity, direct control and full user answerability.

    Rots of Ruck.

    James M.

    Lyons, GA.

  19. Mark Warren says:

    save yourself a lot of stress
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    This has to be the absolute worst power tool I have. I would sell it but would feel too guilty. It would make a excellent spatter gun if it would do that consistantly. Seriously, save yourself the stress and rent/buy a excellent airless. It will no doubt go the way of the $ 15.00 brad nailer from Harbor Frieght. Bouncing across the driveway!

  20. Marc Supsic says:

    Fantastic tool for the price – works well if you’re competent
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Let’s be honest here – if you’re expecting miracles from a $70 sprayer, you’re barking up the incorrect tree. Most people don’t even know how to use a hammer, so I would assume lots of the complaints are coming from people who are “less handy”. That being said, for the price, this is a fantastic sprayer. I would suggest using this unit in situations where coverage is more vital than the quality of the job. For example, I used it to paint my basement cieling and walls, a place where perfection isn’t necessary. There was no way I could have evenly covered those surfaces with a brush! I used the paint can attachment to do the cieling, the toughest part was carrying around a full paint can and holding a five-pound sprayer above my head for an hour (huge deal). But after just one hour, I had covered about 250 square feet of uneven and complex cieling surface. There was the expected cloud of atomized paint in the air, but what do you expect in a closed basement? The unit is loud, so use your head and throw a pair of earplugs on or something. It’s more silent than most power tools. As for clogging or spattering, I had no problem: The people at Home Depot suggested using a few capfulls of Floetrol to thin the paint, which you’ll find right next to the sprayers on the store shelf. I’m not sure what people are complaining about with the cleanup: As soon as you’re finished using the unit, fill a small paint bucket (95ยข at most stores) with warm water and submerse all the removable parts. Let them sit for a half hour and then all it takes is a small rinse and scrub with the included brush. I was done cleaning the unit in 45 minutes, and that’s with the half hour soak. This tool helped me end in hours what normally would have taken a week or more. But don’t buy it expecting it to make your crummy projects suddenly look gorgeous; the sprayer is only as excellent as the person using it.

  21. Junk
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Yes, this thing did frighten everyone in my locality, yes it did take forever to clean, and yes, it does overspray like a banshee. What really makes this thing a piece of junk is that the piston kept wearing out on mine. Another reviewer says that it dosen’t handle Behr paint which I guess I’m forced to agree with at this point.

    I will say that for the brief period that it worked, this thing was marvelous. As for me, I’m going to keep exchanging this at Home Depot until I end my project or Wagner goes bankrupt. When I’m done I’ll return it for the last time or maybe drive over it with my truck until it weep’s for mercy (like I have been).

  22. Fantastic till it broke
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    (…)The Pro’s

    Excellent coverage and clean spray
    Like the backpack, although I filled it close to the top and the fill line is about half way. W/ it that full it’s heavy to carry, but cuts the filling time in half. I never used it as a backpack, just carried it by the straps.


    Within a month, I heard a rattling in the housing and when I shook it around, a piece of metal came falling out. Wagner told me I could go back to HD and they’d replace it so I’ll see how excellent the return policy is today.
    I had distress when I used a primer (Kilz 2) It clogged more and I just couldn’t seem to get it to run well (maybe it was due to the piece that finished up breaking off?)
    I also had a problem with too much paint coming back out of the collar, although all seemed to be tight (could be that broken piece contributed again.)
    Otherwise when I used latex (Glidden Speedcoat), it was fantastic. The paint did need some thinning.
    Clean up’s a pain, but no more so than other sprayers, and hey, cleaning rollers and brushes isn’t a blast either.
    Standard cautions–lots of spray, cover what you don’t want painted. A small noisy on the high level.

    In summary, fantastic until it broke.

  23. A. Leghart says:

    terrible waste of time and money – zero stars
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I would give zero stars, but Amazon does not allow it. To start, the unit takes nearly a minute to prime the pump. That means it’s pumping air and sounds like a mini-jackhammer. In my 10×12 bedroom with hardwood floors, this starts a headache at once. With primer, it took 45 minutes and two applications to cover a 6ft. wide section of wall. The racket was enormous. I had to close the door because my wife was screaming. Had to open the window to breathe (overspray fills a small room with paint fog). The pump was so loud that I could hear the echo come from the end of the cul-de-sac for about three seconds after I turned it off. There were white flecks on all. I spent three hours cleaning the tubes, paint container, sprayer, et al., just so that I could return it without complaints. I used paint rollers and brushes and finished the rest of the room in two hours. Now, my wife thinks I’m a freak because I scream at the ambiguous commercials on TV. I use powertools all the time. The only tools louder are my 15-amp chop saw (dims the lights) and my hammer drill used to drill through brick walls and concrete.

    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Does anyone have the 800 number for Wagner? I have a customer service question and I can’t find it anywhere! THANKS!

  25. Better Than the Alternative
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    Having spent one evening carefully rolling a “popcorn” ceiling of a thirty year ancient house, I returned to the room only to find an entire quarter of the ceiling turning loose from the sheetrock bottom. Considering the expense of having this boo boo repaired well, I chose that my only alternative as a do it yourselfer was to try the power sprayer on the remaing ceilings of the house.

    After reading the many helpful reviews found here, I chose to give the Wagner Power Sprayer a try. The reviews did prepare me for the problems and I read the entire manual and oiled all that would take oil. Having owned other Wagner painting products in the past, I expected the time consuming cleanup to follow the sprayer’s use and dealt with it. I found the sprayer with the hose assembly to be All that others have said. I encountered the excellent, the terrible and the hideous of this product, but considering having to pay someone to repair the ceilings after I tried to roll any more rooms, I am very pleased with the results. The ceilings look fantastic, but I had to drape and tape the entire room. Fortunately, the house was empty and this made the prep work simpler. For my situation, the sprayer worked better than the alternative

  26. Wayne J. Ernst says:

    A very huge disappointment
    Rating:2 out of 5 stars
    With this device, the “naysayers” are right. Too many “glitches” with this painting device makes it very frustrating to use. I even bought a “better” Wagner power painter with 2400 PSI, wide spray, etc. But, it still crashed and burned miserably.

    I set it up as specified. I was using Behr paint from Home Depot – which I thinned down because it was so thick. After fighting an assembly that insisted on working itself loose and a pump motor that sounded like it was going to blow up, I pulled the plug on this painter. All of the components hit the water bucket so they could be washed and returned.

    In its place, I picked up a Graco Magnum piston painter. I’m so in like with the Graco painter. No problems running the paint right out of the bucket (no thinning necessary) and nothing but a gorgeous end on the walls. Seriously, folks … if you desire to get into the “power painter” world, consider other devices. Heck, Wagner also makes some piston drive devices that are under $200. I don’t reckon the Power Painters are worth it. Too many hassles, too small of a paint cup, silly clear plactic feeder hoses that work themselves out of the bucket, etc. Check the auction sites, I found the Magnum XR5 for $300 – shipped. That’s about $100 less (plus tax) than Home Depot. And man … can it paint. :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Don’t Listen to the Naysayers
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I just used this sprayer to paint a bunch of doors and it worked fantastic! Before buying I read the reviews on this page and chose to take a chance despite the terrible press, and I’m glad I did. I followed the information and it worked as advertised.

    Having said that, I can be with you why some folks would be upset with it. It is sorta heavy. And it is kinda noisy. But so are all the other power tools I own. It “might” splotch paint if not used properly, it does irregularly clog, and it does take a lot of time to clean. But I rented a spray gun and compressor and it too was loud, heavy, noisy, splotchy and clogged. And I spend more time cleaning it then spraying with it. The Wagner is well worth the price, especially considering rental prices. Read the information, thin the paint if you have to, and delight in. It’s really not that terrible of a product. Seriously.

  28. Running frightened at first
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I read the reviews for the Wagner products here, and was skeptical at first about buying one. After seeing how much it would cost to rent one but, I went ahead and made my buy. I’ve been really pleased with the results. I was able to spray the base of a 2,800 sq. ft. house in two days, with few problems. Using the attached canister and refilling often is much simpler than using the suction set, which was clumsy and a bit spotty. Yes, it is loud, but as another customer mentioned, most power tools are, and I quickly got used to it. I did have to use the suction set for the eaves of the house, and it was messy, but it still got the job done much quicker that brushing. I used Behr brand Latex Exterior (which is scandalously thick) and did not have to thin the paint, which was a plus as well. Overall I’m pleased with the product, clean the nozzles often (I cleaned the sprayer every couple of hours), and keep it oiled (very vital!), and you’ll get excellent use out of it.

  29. Brian Jacobs says:

    So you want an electric spray gun?
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I formerly picked up my Wagner Power Painter used from a garage sale. I find them often being sold after very limited use. Why do people get rid of them? Well, often they don’t properly take care of them so they are upset with the results. I find that usually about 20mins cleaning the used gun yeilds an nearly groundbreaking new gun that operates properly.

    Rumor has it that by reading the reviews, people also don’t know what to realistically expect. First, you WILL get overspray from every sprayer airless or not. You should wear appropriate clothing to avoid being drizzled upon. Second, it is heavy for many people. You have an electric spayer with a container of fluid that needs to be held up for relatively long durations. Your arms are likely to get tired. Third, if you use latex paint, you will need to thin it a bit. A small experimentation is involved with a scrap piece of cardboard to get the mix and setting right. Do this before you start your project. Fourth, I agree with a previous reviewer. It is noisy but no more so than most electric tools. My skill saw or grinder are no less noisy. Finally, when the paint container gets about 3/4 empty, it very well may start spitting paint instead of spraying it. Just get used to refilling before your nearly empty.

  30. Gregory A. Helton says:

    Don’t waste your money
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    This is the most frustrated that I’ve been with ANY product for quite some time. The unit is noisy and vibrates quite a bit. This wouldn’t bother me if the spray quality was excellent. But, spray quality is very poor. Paint was basically spit out of this thing in large droplets. Adjusting the flow and nozzle positions didn’t help. Paint thickness didn’t seem to have any effect on spray quality either.

    There may have been something hurt on this unit. Although, I don’t reckon so. If you must have a sprayer, buy something else or rent a excellent one.

  31. What happened to my tan?
    Rating:2 out of 5 stars
    If you delight in time in the tub, you’ll like this sprayer. I was attempting to paint acoustical textured ceilings with this painter, and I type this review while staring at my pasty white-painted arms. I picked mine up on clearance at Wally World, and it’s going back there tomorrow. I can’t say that I’m surprised that the painter couldn’t handle ceilings, but it was worth a shot. The real seminal factor in the low review and its eventual return to [store] is the fact that it didn’t perform well in a horizontal position either. The spray pattern couldn’t be adjusted properly, and the number of strokes for complete coverage will wear your arm out. If you truly need a sprayer, fork out the huge bucks for a piston pump sprayer……I’m going to.

  32. Particular Individual says:

    Borrowed one for the first job. Buying one next time
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I was in the process of ordering a Wagner painter and noticed the terrible reviews. So rather than buy one just yet, I borrowed my boss’ sprayer which is the above model. Here’s my objective opinion, BS free.

    If you reckon it’s loud, you don’t work around power tools much. Spend a few minutes with a router, table saw, sander, whatever.

    I needed a sprayer because I had to paint louvered doors –a cast iron mess with a brush. I used alkyd enamel –I don’t know how this thing sprays latex. (What does?) I have never used an airless sprayer before and the job came out perfect. I have used compressed air sprayers on signs and a car before and to me there is no difference in technique or coverage. There will be overspray and there will be wasting of paint with any sprayer, right? It’s a tragic fact of life. The other tragic fact is that cleanup is intensive. That’s a small concern, overshadowed by the splendid results. Certainly, with practice and encounter, one could, no doubt, shorten the process. Same as with all sprayers. Use rubber gloves.

    Packing all the stuff away can be a problem but it all fits easily away if you remove the spray jar and invert it into the case. No problem after that.

    Unless you want to fork over money for a compressor and gun, this thing will do just fine with oil based enamel and stains. Sure it’s a small heavier than a spray gun. Use two hands if you are doing a huge job.

    By the way, I felt the warning of injection hazard, resulting in possible taking away was sort of scary. But then it occurred to me: what power tool doesn’t offer the promise of possible taking away?

  33. Ed Guenther says:

    Better than expected
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I own an air compressor and was toying with the thought of buying a spray gun for it. But several factors made me choose against it. (Mainly 1) paint projects must be nearby the compressor 2) major major paint clouds)

    So I was not compulsory the Wagner 305 by the Home Depot paint guy. It works better than I expected. But I do agree with other people who have written reviews.

    1) there is quite a bit of cleanup time, but take this with a grain of salt–I usually don’t clean up paint brushes and rollers, I just through them out and buy new (really! hehe)

    2) It’s noisy yet not extremely loud. It quiets down once the paint starts flowing into the compressor. The gun would be no problem outdoors at all. But in confined spaces the echoing might get to you.

    3) Overspray. It’s going to happen. Get tarps. This was expected and should be expected.

    4) Some wasted paint. If you have a large job buy the paint in 5 gallon buckets and consider cutting a 1/2″ hole in the lid. Then place the 1/2″ tubing through the hole, attach the filter. Then draw enough 1/2″ tubing into the bucket so that it reaches the bottom. Use a clip on the hose to KEEP IT AT THE BOTTOM. This will *prevent* all globbing.

    For small projects use the quart attachment and pour the paint into there. Then just run hot water through it. Voila. Cleaned.

    Benefits. TIME. This this moves Soooo quick. Very very quick. Entire rooms can be painted in a heartbeat. But like everyone always says, things go smoother when you prepare correctly. (i.e. use tarps, mask off needed areas, etc.)

    Never had to thin my paint. Don’t know what type of paint others are using but mine flows perfectly. No problems there.



  34. Ed Guenther says:

    Better than expected
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I own an air compressor and was toying with the thought of buying a spray gun for it. But several factors made me choose against it. (Mainly 1) paint projects must be nearby the compressor 2) major major paint clouds)

    So I was not compulsory the Wagner 305 by the Home Depot paint guy. It works better than I expected. But I do agree with other people who have written reviews.

    1) there is quite a bit of cleanup time, but take this with a grain of salt–I usually don’t clean up paint brushes and rollers, I just through them out and buy new (really! hehe)

    2) It’s noisy yet not extremely loud. It quiets down once the paint starts flowing into the compressor. The gun would be no problem outdoors at all. But in confined spaces the echoing might get to you.

    3) Overspray. It’s going to happen. Get tarps. This was expected and should be expected.

    4) Some wasted paint. If you have a large job buy the paint in 5 gallon buckets and consider cutting a 1/2″ hole in the lid. Then place the 1/2″ tubing through the hole, attach the filter. Then draw enough 1/2″ tubing into the bucket so that it reaches the bottom. Use a clip on the hose to KEEP IT AT THE BOTTOM. This will *prevent* all globbing.

    For small projects use the quart attachment and pour the paint into there. Then just run hot water through it. Voila. Cleaned.

    Benefits. TIME. This this moves Soooo quick. Very very quick. Entire rooms can be painted in a heartbeat. But like everyone always says, things go smoother when you prepare correctly. (i.e. use tarps, mask off needed areas, etc.)

    Never had to thin my paint. Don’t know what type of paint others are using but mine flows perfectly. No problems there.



  35. Benoit Bissonnette says:

    Wear hear safeguard…
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Gheeez, what a nightmare. This paint gun is excellent for nothing else than scaring and waking up your neighboors. This thing makes so much noise that it’s unbearable. I bought mine for a small varnish job on furniture. I tried it before with water just to test it. It was so noisy that I couldn’t stand it. I tried to place it back in the case but I couldn’t. The case is designed in such a way you can’t place it back without breaking or bending something.

    Pay yourself a favor, don’t buy this product. Rent a compressor and a spray gun or use paint cans to do your job. This is probably the worst product I’ve ever seen in my life and it shouldn’t exist.

  36. Very tempramental mechanism
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I just got off the phone with the Wagner folks who informed me that the piston is rated for ONLY 7-10 gallons of paint before needing substitution… They also told me I shouldn’t be using Behr of Kilz paint with it. Those will wear it out quicker.

    If I knew this information before, I wouldn’t have bought this product. Perhaps they should place it on the box.

  37. Don’t bother
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    If you want to spray latex, this thing can’t handle it.

    I eventually finished up heaving this piece of s— out the window. No joke! Don’t waste your money if you are looking to spray latex with this thing.

    It doesn’t have the suction to deal with that heavy of a material, so you’ve got to thin your paint. But if you thin high quality paint, guess what you end up with?

    And even so, it finished up spitting these globs of paint the world over, but only intermittantly, so you keep trying. You take it apart, clean it, oil it, place it back together, it works for a bit and then pslat! Another glob.

    Either rent a qualified spray system or stick with a roller. It’ll save you a fantastic deal of frustration.

  38. Todd B. Pratt says:

    Don’t bother buying Wagner Products
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    It would be a waste of your money to buy Wagner products. The manufacturer doesn’t back their products with a warranty to speak of. I bought 2 Wagner… drills about 18 months ago for… each. Two of the four batteries died and both chargers will not work. Wagner states there is a 3-year warranty on the packaging??? I called Wagner and they said they don’t support the product any longer. How convenient..They said the batteries only have a 1-year warranty. And they don’t make the batteries any longer. They said the charging cradles only had a 1-year warranty as well. And they don’t make those either. Some 3-year warranty!!!!!!!!!! I would stay clear of this company for dread they may stop at the bottom of their products in the middle of your warranty period too.

  39. TC Smith says:

    A Fantastic Time Saver
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I was faced with painting 500 square feet of 6 inch wide siding. This would be a daunting task in that I suffered a rotator cuff injury 6 weeks before.

    The 2 speed Wagner 305 was the answer. Not counting the masking of windows and an 8 inch cut in with a brush around the trim, the 500 squre feet of irregular surface was covered in 50 minutes. A third of this time was moving the ladder.

    The weight of the 305 was not a problem even for my injured arm.

    The slower speed allowed me to work within a foot of the trim with no overspray and within 8 inches with a wet wipe of the trim for clean up.

    There was no dripping as others have claimed. Clean up was no more time consuming than cleaning a excellent brush. (Clean up with oil base would be more sticky; stick with latex if you can.)

    The only down side was thinning the primer enough to get a excellent spray and still get coverage. Applying a modest coat and then returning in 10 minutes was the answer to prevent sagging.

    For outdoor wide surface projects, above all with irregular surfaces, this tool can’t be beat.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Where do I start? Try holding this thing for more then five minutes and your forearm will feel as if it just did 100 curls with a fifty pound weight. Inconsistent spray pattern. Frequent cleaning of the nozzle is required. Small spray pattern makes a roller much more efficient and less tiresome. The clean-up process is ludicrous and wastes any time which you may have saved. Need I say more?

  41. D'Ann E. Baker says:

    wagner power sprayer
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    We bought the Wagner power sprayer last week. WOW, this is the best product since sliced bread. This has cut our painting time down greatly. The sprayer is very simple to use, and very simple to clean up. I highly recommend this sprayer. It has the power to do any job you want to do.

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